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While June is notoriously the favorite month to get married in, fall months such as September and October are not too far behind.

These months offer warm weather without much risk of being hot. The pretty outdoor scenery also offers an ideal backdrop for those nature loving couples.

Using the changing leaves and gorgeous sunsets of the autumn months for photos is free and always timeless.

At American Stationery we offer a wide variety of gifts for weddings so if you are planning on attending a wedding in the coming months, or any month really, here are a few ideas:

Have a couple that loves entertaining? Just take a look at our personalized coasters!

Items 2269 and 2269M are our newest addition to disposable coasters. These heavyweight round coasters have a three ringed design on the outside and your choice of either a monogram or a design with words in the center.

This style of coaster is sold only in white and has a large variety of ink color, type style and design choices available. They are letter pressed for the most exquisite look and have an acrylic holder which they fit into perfectly. Measuring at 4″ in diameter, $34.95 will get you a set of 100 with a holder.

Not to be outdone our traditional coasters are sold as square in an off white heavyweight item #4439 and 4439M they are sold in sets of 50 for $18.95. Whether you opt to have them with words and a design or a monogram they are adorable and convenient. A stack of these placed on an in home bar looks extra chic. Again you may choose your ink color, type style and design. Measuring in at a perfect square these coasters are 3″ by 3″.

Looking for something a little more casual and let’s face it feminine? Check out our beveled coasters. These are printed on a slightly thinner paper with a slick backing that helps prevent the thinner paper from sliding around. These are also able to be personalized however you would like. A 3″ diameter allows for plenty of design whether it be your name, your monogram, or the name of you home. They are sold in sets of 50 for $18.95. The item numbers are 4438 and 4438M.

Who doesn’t love candles? There is nothing like lighting a few candles to bring a new ambiance and feel to a room. Candles are great for romance, for bringing a room together, and for making a home look that much cozier. Let’s not forget about the scents either! There is nothing like lighting that favorite scent and sitting back to relax. At American Stationery we currently offer a few different candles. All perfect presents just make your choice.

The Votive Trio Gift set is sure to delight the couple who loves to decorate even in the smallest details. These Crossroads® candles come in their individual glass personalized holders and are sold in a set of three. Packaged beautifully, all you have to do is wrap them or place them in a decorative bag. There are eight different scent and color combinations to choose from. You may personalize them with either a monogram or three short lines of personalization. Item number 2859 and 2859M are sold for $19.95.

If you’re looking for a candle as a gift but, would like something a little larger, take a look at the item number 2832. This double wicked candle comes in a glass jar that can be laser engraved with the perfect personalization to fit any couple. Measuring at 5 1/2″ x 4″ this candle will burn for 120-140 hours! With several color/ scent combinations making the right choice for your couple will be easy to do. Priced at just $21.95, you can’t find a non-personalized candle at a department store this inexpensive!

Looking for something without a holder? We have two different engraved palm wax candles that can be personalized with your choice of wording. Choose from a 3″ item number 6915 at $24.95 or a  4″ number 6914 at $26.95. These candles are made from 100% palm wax and are soot free. They are deeply engraved on champagne colored wax with your choice of name or monogram. The square pillar size is unique and would be loved by the couple who enjoys all things natural. Weighing at just over two pounds this candle will be sure to make a subtle statement.

After the wedding there are so many photos to go through. From the photographer and from friends and family. It is always hard to decide on which ones to display and how to display them. Make it easy for your favorite couple and consider purchasing them a personalized photo frame.

We offer  beautiful wooden frames. Made of beautifully colored wood and laser engraved with your choice of several different designs. From bold chevron to intricately designed florals, bold stripes and more! There is certainly a design to fit every couple. You can personalize them with the couple’s names so that they may cherish this frame for years to come. The frames measure out to 7″ by 9″ and nicely hold a 4″ by 6″ photo. The item number is 2813 and you not only can you choose from multiple designs, but also whether you would like it to hold a horizontal or vertical photo. They are sold for $19.95 apiece.

Have you seen our new Soap and Guest towel sets? Item number 2860 is the perfect gift for the newly married couple. Especially one who just bought a new house! This box contains three beautifully rich engraved soaps and 15 guest towels. The soaps have a light floral scent and a creamy color that will look lovely with any color scheme bathroom. The font and wording that you choose for the soaps will be duplicated on the towels for a wonderfully coordinated look. You may choose from script, block, or a monogram for your personalization font. There are several ink colors available for the towels so that you can be sure to match the bathroom theme. Or keep it simple and choose black which of course goes with everything. At $28.95 this is a simple and stunning gift choice for your favorite newlyweds.

Take a look around our website and see if there is something you think your couple will enjoy. There are plenty of other lovely gift ideas available on our website and in our catalog.

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