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Whether you’re planning a first birthday party or a celebration with 100 candles, it should always be a happy and festive occasion. So it’s important to you and your friends and loved ones that everything goes well…

Is the birthday boy/girl shy and withdrawn or outgoing and ready to have a good time and party?

Experts suggest that you plan around their temperament at this age.

If your 2 year old is going through the clinging, make the world go away stage; simply invite a few favorite relatives over for a celebration of cake and ice cream. You don’t want to ruin their big day!

It can be overwhelming, especially for toddlers, by having a large number of people around all at once. About three to eight friends is good, depending on your social circle. Parents may need to stay with the toddler, so you should have plenty of help and support from beginning to end. Remember, your child will only just be learning to relate to other children, so you should not expect great levels of cooperation from them.

If your child is more the center of attention or bouncing off the walls type, and you’re sure they will love all the attention, invite a few kids and their parents over for a party blowout complete with your two year old’s favorite theme or cartoon character, such as Pirates, Princesses, Dora the Explorer, Elmo, Spider Man, Yo Gabba Gabba, or Blues Clues.

Candy is not as good of an idea as "Thank You" party gifts. Children at this age love crayons and coloring, so get a few toddler coloring books, crayons and stickers and give those as a party gift instead. Crayons and coloring books are cheap and the kids will love them!

Structure is not as important at this age. Instead, focus on everyone having fun. The messier the better! Just keep the party short and sweet. Nothing is worse than a room full of cranky toddlers. Two hours at the most. Time is also crucial. Try planning the party at a time in the day where they will be wide awake and not wanting a nap. Having so much attention and many things to do in a day will wear that little toddler out! Extra supervision is also a great idea if you plan on having a larger party. The more eyes the better!

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