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American Stationery has added many photo products to our collection. We now carry holiday cards, thank you cards and birth announcements. The right photo can make a piece of stationery or card look amazing, the wrong photo and it can make the card look displeasing to the eye. We know that selecting just the right photo can prove difficult at times so here are a few tips for picking the photo that completes the card and makes the great impression you are looking for.

First, you have a decision to make. Are you going to choose a card design based on a photo you would like to use or are you going to choose a card for its design and pick a photo that looks nice on it? If you have your heart set on one specific photo try to pick a design that color coordinates or fits the theme of your photo if a theme is applicable. If you do not have your heart set on one photo, look around and find a design you like the most and select a photo that really stands out.

Select a photo that has very little empty space. Your photo is a personal touch to the card and you want to make sure those who are receiving it can see everyone in it very well.

Try to use a photo that has the most candid or natural poses and expressions.

Photos taken in natural light seem to be brighter and crisper. Photos taken with a flash seem to wash out your surroundings.

Since most card designs have a lot of design elements to them try to select a photo where the individuals in it are wearing solid colors or basic patterns. This will keep those in the photo from blending into the design, thus making them stand out from the card.

Finally, look at photos taken from different angles. People and objects can look very different from different angles.

Most importantly, use your own judgment. No one knows what you like better than you. Selecting a photo and design you like should reflect a little bit about you and your taste.

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