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Soon it will be mother’s day. A time when we celebrate all the mothers and women who are like mothers in our lives.

Most mothers don’t care what their gift is. It’s nice to just be thought of. A visit from their loved ones is typically a sufficient way of letting them know we love them and appreciate their unconditional love.

But, if you are in the market to purchase a present for your mother, or grandmother or aunt. Think about a gift of stationery. At American Stationery, we pride ourselves in offering a vast assortment of stationery. Available in many styles and designs there is definitely something for everyone.

Take a look at our website or browse through our full color catalog. Mother’s day is quickly approaching but if you order soon you should have plenty of time to receive your personalized order.

For the loved one who has a passion for gardening, Consider purchasing a set of the Zinnia Notes. These are a delightful and vibrant fold over note card that comes with envelopes. They are perfect for the family member who loves to send notes out to friends. Especially the one who is always preaching to you that “Texting is so impersonal.” (which let’s face it, it is)

If your mom’s house is the gathering place, why not purchase some personalized napkins for her to have on hand? Item 8530 is a good choice if you really want to take personalizing to the next level. You can choose your ink color, type style, and design. This will ensure that they match her personality perfectly. Don’t forget to purchase an acrylic holder to keep them nice and neat. Item 9593 is a whimsical houndstooth holder that is sure to stand out on the corner of the buffet in the dining room.

Aunt Sierra, that has the pool, will love having some personalized frosted tumblers at her poolside bar. Our frosted tumblers come in a few different sizes. Choose from 10, 14, or 16 ounces. You can personalize them with your choice of ink color, typestyle and design. What’s wonderful about these? They can be re-used multiple times and are very durable. So all those accidental drops on the cement should be no big deal.

Recipe cards are always a treat. What’s better? Ask her to fill a couple of them out and return them to you. That apple cobbler recipe that everyone begs for at Easter? How could she say no after you just gave her such a lovely gift?

Busy women will appreciate receiving a stylish calendar set to help contain their hectic days. With constant garden club meetings, and attending tennis lessons at the garden club life can become hard to keep track of. Item 9953 is one of several different designs. There are also matching book labels, calling cards, fold notes and address labels to choose from as well.

Presenting the gift is half the fun. Most of our items come in our beautiful American Stationery blue boxes. That can be given simply in the box alone or you can opt to pay for gift wrapping.

If your mother lives near why not, take her to brunch on Mother’s day or offer to have a big Sunday dinner at your home instead of hers?

For a mother that lives far away, you can have the gift mailed directly to her with a gift message included.

Remember it isn’t about how much you spend it’s about expressing your gratitude to the woman in your life who always stood by your side.

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