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You have gone to great lengths to get where you are in life. Your family, your name, and your position are causes for pride and celebration. Consider personalizing your surroundings with items that highlight this love. Not only will personalized accents stand out, but they will make an impression on everybody who sees them.


In times of old, a family’s heritage was proudly displayed on a coat of arms passed down from generation to generation. Many families also possessed a seal which was used to authenticate documents, letters, and other correspondence. In many parts of western Europe, these symbols of tradition are still used to this day.


Monograms go back to hundreds of years BC. Used as signatures by artists or craftsmen, a monogram is an overlapping combination of letters usually representing the initials of a person or business. The traditional 3-letter monogram has a person’s last name in a larger font that is centered. The first name initial is usually to the left, with the middle initial to the right. Monograms of this type are often used on towels, clothing, and luggage.


Class and elegance didn’t die with the Renaissance, they just faded into the background a little bit. If you are looking for a way to bring back the pride you have in yourself, your family, or your business, consider personalization.


Many things can be personalized. Some you have probably seen or thought of, but others may be ideas that are new to you.


  • Coasters. Nobody wants rings on their fine wood. Many people have cheap coasters they have picked up here and there. What a great conversation starter next time a guest comes over and you are able to slide a personalized coaster under their drink. The same obviously goes for businesses, except businesses may have a few extra sitting nearby to tempt guests to take them. After all, it’s great advertising.


  • Picture Frame Mats. Instead of just putting pictures in frames, why not commemorate the occasion? Frame mats are most often large areas of unused space that could be elegantly embossed or embellished. Highlight your memories with something so simple as a name or so elegant as a poem.


  • Napkins. Whether paper, linen, or cotton, a napkin is a necessity during dining. Guests will be impressed when picking up their napkins and noting your design or monogram. They will be certain that you spent a fortune preparing for your event, not realizing that, with proper planning and the right supplier, such finery is incredibly affordable. When upping the ante and monogramming cloth napkins, be sure to have proper napkin holders to demonstrate your exceptional attention to detail.


  • Ornaments. Looking for that perfect gift for your children, grandchildren, or other loved ones? Consider a personalized ornament. Many great traditions are formed around ornaments, and great memories often last a lifetime and beyond. Who doesn’t want to hang the ornament they got from somebody they love, especially if it is one that has been personalized?


  • Monogrammed clothing. These articles are not just for yacht clubs and the polo grounds. Granted, they may be more common there, but why should the luxurious look of personalized attire be reserved for those in ivory towers? From shirt cuffs to pockets and lapels, an embroidered monogram or seal is a sign of pride and elegance.


  • Personal stationery. The art of writing a personal note, card, or letter by hand may seem to be a lost art, but the experts agree that such is far from reality. From Forbes to the Harvard Business Review, those in the know stress the importance of hand-penned correspondence on high-quality, customized paper and cards. Now, in the 21st century, when most people more than ever focus on electronic media, few things set you apart like taking the time to put something down on paper. In addition to the aspects of permanence, hand-written correspondence shows that the recipient is worth your time and effort, and you understand that there is no commodity worth more than time.


With so many options to set yourself apart from the general public, you are probably wondering how much this might set you back. That is the best part! The American Stationery Company is a direct-from-the-manufacturer supplier, so they can guarantee premium products at value prices. After all, when no middlemen are involved, the biggest winner is you.


Working in your favor: 100 years of American pride and craftsmanship. This isn’t a fly-by-night operation or virtual store shipping out the cheapest goods they found in China. American Stationery is a manufacturer, not a re-seller, with a brick and mortar facility in Peru, Indiana. Over 300 of America’s finest employees are ready to help you enhance your life through personalization. If it’s affordable luxury you’ve been seeking, look no further.

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