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Writing thank you notes should be common practice in an American home. The sense of gratitude and thankfulness for even a small gift that these timeless little cards represent is essential to the fabric of our society. As many reasons as we could list for why you should start or continue the practice of writing thank you notes, by far the most important one, is to teach the next generation about gratitude. If children get a thank you note from a loved one, you may well start the tradition in their family to send them as well. If the adults in the lives of children allow email, text messaging, and instant messaging to replace the art of sitting down to compose the feelings of gratitude into a very personal, hand-written note, then they will not carry on this tradition, and the lack of thankfulness in our society will only worsen.

Writing thank you notes is not difficult. After all, you are not writing a novel or poem. No sense of plot or prose is required. A small, folded thank you card provides plenty of space to write an adequate note of thanks. Generally, 3 or 4 sentences is enough to express your gratitude over any gift. You should acknowledge that you received the gift, what you like about it and how you plan to use it.

Selecting the right gift for someone else is not an easy task. When you sit down to write your thank you notes, you should stress this fact to them. You may realize that you appreciate the gift even more once you think about the time that was put into its selection. Sending a thank you note expresses just how much you appreciate the gift, the time spent to pick out the perfect present, and the loved one who gave it.

If you have a lot of thank yous to write, after a big event like a birthday, graduation or wedding, there are many ways to make the thank you writing process more fun and enjoyable. There are many designers out there creating fun and bright designs for you to enjoy. If you enjoy crafts, there are stationery kits with themes, such as sports, floral patterns and other activities available for you to enjoy. Many of the kits will include matching stickers and maybe even stamps. Choosing a thank you note that shows off your personal sense of style will make an extra special statement to those you love.

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