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Date and sign your letter.
In the technologically advanced world we now live in we’ve become spoiled. We’re so used to our email dating and signing everything for us that some people actually forget these two important things when handwriting a note. You may be asking why you need to date it. Well, if the recipient chooses to keep the letter for sentimental reasons it’s nice to have the date on it so they know when they received it. The signature is important for obvious reasons. If you don’t sign your name they won’t know who it’s from.

Write clearly.
This tip isn’t just about grammar. We also mean penmanship. When you write a letter you need to use decent handwriting. For some of you this might be asking a lot, but at least try. Proper grammar is also important when writing a letter. Try to avoid spelling errors. Nice handwriting and proper grammar not only makes the letter easier to read, it makes it look nice too.

Get personal.
You don’t have to write about all the intimate details of your daily life, but there’s nothing worse than getting a letter that seems like it was written and then copied for a group of people. You want your letters to be personal to each recipient not like a form letter for a whole bunch of people. The more connections you make between your life and the readers life the better.

Encourage a response.
Obviously the easiest way to go about this is to actually ask the reader to write back. A discreet way of doing this is to include your return address somewhere in either in the letter. This way the recipient can respond when they want to.

Write on eye-catching stationery.
Don’t misunderstand this tip. You don’t actually have to have a whole collection of colorful paper and professional stationery to write your letters on, although we have plenty to choose from if that’s what you want to do. The important thing is that you use good quality, attractive paper that reflects your personality and style. If you write on a crumpled, stained piece of paper then just think of what that says to the recipient. It’s simple really: your paper, your style.

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