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As a child I can remember tearing through the pages of a big toy catalogue. I recall wanting all sorts of things and circling the items with an ink pen. I know my son wants everything he sees on a commercial or in a store. At a big box store or the mall we are constantly bombarded with opportunities and impulses to buy without much thought.

Kids love being involved. This year, in addition to baking and decorating with your kids, make shopping part of the family routine. Take this as an opportunity to talk about money management it is good practice for kids to use math skills and decision-making skills.

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Children should learn that it’s truly the thought that counts and remember that you are the one whom is supposed teach them about money and making good decisions. While you want to teach money management, you don’t want to focus too much on money during the holidays. Before you begin shopping for holiday gifts with your child, talk about the tradition of giving gifts and what it means in your family. These years of advice and being a good example will help them throughout their entire life.

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Next time your child eyes a toy in a catalogue or sees a commercial on television, talk about advertising in an age appropriate way. Talk with them how advertisements use flashy items to lure your money out of your pocket without thinking things through or researching the product. Let younger children see you paying with cash so they can understand that a transaction is going on.

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Make sure that you take time to sit down with teenagers and go over your shopping budget. Use a list or a spreadsheet, search through sales fliers with them, and show them how to use coupons! Encourage young children and teens to save for items they may want or presents they may want help with.

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Tailor to the age of the child involved, preschoolers won’t be able to grasp the full concepts of money management and budgeting, while teens may already have bank accounts and check cards. Tailor your holiday budgeting lessons to your kid’s age. Remember to stick to your list and your budget during the Christmas season can take years to pay off if you’ve put it on credit.

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The number one rule is to give your child as much patience and freedom as possible, only step in to answer questions and assist with the actual purchase. Older kids should get more responsibility and use the internet for researching products or shopping online; with your guidance. Remind kids of hidden expenses like postage and wrapping. Encourage older kids to track spending carefully and the habit just might stick with them.

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