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When determining what type of appetizers to serve, keep in mind that cooking them ahead of the occasion will save you constant worry, and allow you to enjoy your party and friends more fully. I would suggest using appetizers or desserts that can be frozen ahead of time. The more finger foods you have the more, the less you will be required to supply a lot of plates and cutlery…better, yet smaller, portions will amount to less clean up! You are probably best to stick to tried and true family favorite recipes and a trial run for baking and sampling is advisable. If you want your guests to take part of the party home with them prepare and send home everyone a bag of cookies, candy or something handmade. This little added touch will mean a lot to those attending…they will know you went the extra mile, and were thinking of them.

Once you have your guest list, food and decor in mind, be sure you can provide a sufficient amount chairs for your guests so all can be seated and relaxed at once. When it comes to cleaning don’t stress over every nook and cranny in the house, concentrate you’re deep cleaning efforts on the main areas, living room, kitchen and bathrooms. Be sure you have spare toilet paper, hand towels and soap on hand. A lighted candle in a bathroom can be soothing and help those unfamiliar with your home find their way to the light switch. For the ultimate mood enhancer, set aside some classic holiday music, or have someone playing your piano. What a perfect group activity to sing along with Christmas carols, or other holiday favorites.

Keep in mind your original objective for throwing your Christmas party…to enjoy friends and family during the holidays. When the day for your party arrives be sure you try to keep calm, and leave enough time in your schedule to get yourself ready. When the doorbell rings for the first time, you should be excited and ready to be the charming hostess of your dreams…relax, have fun and everyone else will appreciate your hard work, great planning and time spent bringing everyone together. Merry Christmas!!

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