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One of the many great new items being offered by American Stationery is our table placemats. Our placemats are currently being offered in Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fall and Halloween themes. These placemats are offered in two different types. The first type features your personalization printed on paper. The paper placemats are designed for disposal once used. The second type is coated in teslin and is designed for multiple uses. The choice is yours; however, each of the designs is sure to impress your guests.

Currently two types of Christmas designs are available. Our Snowflakes placemats are green and feature a few snowflakes of different sizes as well as personalization of your choice. These I I" x 17" placemats are sure to add a touch of elegance to your holiday table setting. The other design available is our Sleigh Ride placemats. These placemats feature a red sleigh centered on the front with your personalization printed underneath. Either placemat will certainly show your holiday spirit.

If you enjoy Halloween, our Halloween placemats are a must have for your annual costume gala. Ghosts, pumpkins and black cats are the themes in these designs. Our Ghost Part placemats feature two spooky ghosts on a black speckled background with your personalization on the bottom. If you prefer pumpkins instead of ghosts, American Stationery offers two designs just for you. The Pumpkin Placemats and the Black Cat Placemats both feature pumpkins on orange backgrounds. Any of the three designs are the perfect addition to your haunted house.

We have not forgotten about the beautiful table setting you want for your Thanksgiving dinner. There are currently 4 or 5 designs available that would be perfect for your dinner tables. One traditional symbol of Thanksgiving is a cornucopia. This is why we have incorporated an elegant cornucopia into our Bountiful Harvest placemats. To top off this design, we have printed the cornucopia design on a brown color just for fall.

The best part is that matching tumblers and napkins are also available. This makes it easy to decorate for your party or special event. Our designers are working on many more designs so please check back often for more Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holiday designs.

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