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Your most elegant personalized stationery is more than appropriate to send condolences with. No matter what you choose to send, you will want to use simple stationery that does not distract from your sentiments. Have plenty of simple, elegant stationery on hand, like the suggestions below, and you’ll be prepared to send your condolences as soon as possible:

Polished embossed stationery is a graceful choice. It is a smooth card that doesn’t plague the mind of the grieving.

Our classic embossed frame note cards are a simple stationery option chocked full of understated style. With several font, color & style options to choose from, you can still supply these notes with a touch of your unique personality.

Your words of sympathy will shine front and center on a set of Black or Espresso hand bordered stationery. If black and brown are not appealing to you, other colors are available. Just keep in mind that some of them might not be appropriate for a letter of this nature.

Read a Sample Condolence Letter

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