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Life changes such as marriage, moving, and having children have been discussed in some detail in previous writings. But, what about other life events such as career advancements, anniversaries, and retirement? Though these are significant events you may experience, they are more of a milestone, almost an achievement deserving recognition.


After putting in tireless years in the working world you can finally retire. The time has arrived to kick back and relax. Retirement carries you into a new phase of life. It is a time to reintroduce yourself to your spouse. as you’ll now be spending more time together. You many even get reacquainted with hobbies you have only been able to squeeze into your weekends or even pick up a few new ones. You may begin travels and new adventures. A great way to usher in this new phase of life is through a party or social gathering of family, friends, and colleagues. Once you have said your good-byes and moved on, you can continue to share your new adventures and exploits on special stationery that illustrates the new casual you.

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