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Life changes such as marriage, moving, and having children have been discussed in some detail in previous writings. But, what about other life events such as career advancements, anniversaries, and retirement? Though these are significant events you may experience, they are more of a milestone, almost an achievement deserving recognition.

Career Advancement

Depending on the field of choice, you may have had to climb a very high corporate ladder. Maybe years of study have escalated you directly to a top notch position. Maybe you have finally been able to open your own business. No matter how long the journey, career advancement is exciting! You have been faced with challenges academically, personally, and professionally. You (or perhaps someone you know) may be deserving of some sort of accolade or recognition in honor of a job well done. Maybe a party is in order or maybe something more subdued and useful would be perfect.

Dotted Party InvitationsPersonalized Self-Stick Memos


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