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Personally, I’m a firm believer in the magic of Christmas cards. Sending holiday greetings to friends and family that you may not otherwise talk to is what this season is all about. As much as I love Christmas cards, Maybe it’s just me, but. It doesn’t say “You make a difference to me” it says “I couldn’t be bothered to write more than my name…so here it is”. There is no reason for you to take the time to send a sparkly piece of paper with your signature on it and it seems like more of an insult to receive a completely impersonal card out of obligation rather than to not receive one at all.

Write Something 

Christmas card ideas don’t go much beyond a hand written sentence or two, in addition to the message on the card, that’s an improvement. One idea, that’s not a bad one at all, is to purchase a box of attractive cards which are blank on the inside. That almost forces you to write something, even if it’s noting more than “Have a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year”. Not a terribly original message, but a nice start.

Take a digital photograph or convert a photograph to digital format by scanning. With card-creation software or a graphics program, you can make the photograph the centerpiece of your card. Blank card paper is available at office supply stores. Before printing your own cards, however, consider the price of ink and paper.

Zebra Holiday Photo Cards Bold zebra stripes top these red and green holiday cards. Perfect for sending holiday greetings or just sending that special photo greeting to a loved one.

Instead of printing your own cards, look into American Stationery. Go to the website, upload your photograph and follow the instructions to create the card.

Major discount department stores, grocery stores and other retailers also offer this kind of service.

Another Christmas Season Photo Christmas Card Your photo is framed by a double Red border on these folded holiday cards. They’re perfect for sharing your favorite photo with friends and family this holiday season. The inside of the card is personalized with your choice of sentiment.

Favorite Things Photo Christmas Card Your favorite photo will look like a pretty package on these flat photo cards. You can add your personalized sentiment below the photo.

When creating individual Christmas cards, consider the many different craft techniques and choose one that you enjoy. Any technique you consider laborious and difficult will not be a good choice. Old Christmas cards can be recycled to create new cards. Cut out the picture, affix them to new cards and combine them with other artwork, such as stamping, decoupage, watercolors and pop-ups. Embellish your cards with ribbons, bells or small, interesting ornaments.

We don’t often think about taking pictures with a religious theme, or if we do, may not be quite sure how to go about it. An alter scene from your church is one possibility, particularly if decorated for Christmas. One person took a photo of a neighbor’s Nativity scene to use on a Christmas card. If you do this, it might be nice to ask permission, although it’s hard to imagine anyone not being honored by your request. Little ones dressed as angels are a thought, as is a very young member of the family in a manger like setting.

Hand-made greeting cards are almost always very thoughtful Christmas card ideas. Perhaps these are best left to those among you who have a bit of artistic talent, or maybe that isn’t terribly important after all. If you haven’t done it before, the best rule is probably to keep things simple, at least at first. Sometimes when we get to feeling a little clever or creative, we have a tendency to put all sorts of stuff in the card, and tastefulness goes out the window, unless of course that’s your intent! Here again, the personal computer can come to the rescue, with the ability to superimpose one image on another, change backgrounds, and in short, come up with something that is pure fantasy, but may look very, very real. If you really would prefer a handmade greeting, perhaps enhanced with a bit of calligraphy, you can still use the computer as a design aide.

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