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I can only speak from my point of view but, as a mom I must say, it can be incredibly hard to get your kids to do their chores. Sometimes reminders do not work and I am working on building their independence so nagging is kind of off the list of reminders. I mean, aren’t chores supposed to be independence builders anyhow? That’s why we’ve decided to make lists in this house. A small one as my children are still young, but who doesn’t enjoy checking things off of a to-do list?

So if you are also struggling with chore charts or any type of list for your child (say a morning routine?) Then the article below will hopefully help you see that a fun and inexpensive product from American Stationery may be just the thing to help you out.

If colorful calendars are what you need to get your little one into gear then item 3055_13 is here to your rescue. Now I know with the wave of DIY everything most bloggers would tell you to make your own but, first not everyone has time for that, second well sell stationery and third the item is $3.95! You aren’t going to make it for less than that even if you try.

One calendar pad has 52 tear away sheets and lists the days of the week along the top. Along the left hand side several different chores are already listed for you; with different things like setting the table and feeding the dog. For each day of the week there are blank spaces to fill in what you’ve done, place a sticker, or write in more chores!

Organizing the chores is easy to do with this chart. It’s not personalized but, there are many ways that you can keep the charts separate per child, from different pads to different colored stickers as rewards. For $3.95 it’s easy and affordable to purchase one for each child.

The always popular personalized dry erase board may work as well. We’ve tried it with some success in this house. Instead of checking items off, we write the chores down and as they are done, they are wiped away. Most days we have different chores, so for us it works pretty well. Of course there is also the joy that is achieved in watching the chores disappear for the day! Item number 2876 should help you and yours get in the groove of helping out. With so many popular designs to choose from you can personalize them to fit into your kitchen decor’ or each child’s individual taste. Each design has its’ own unique coloring and you are able to have the top of the board personalized with a name. For $19.95 the 9.3″ by 12.8″ dry erase board will ship to you in about two weeks.

If you like to make to-do lists or maybe you’re teaching the kids how to make (and follow) to-do lists, then look no further than item number 9619. These lined memo pads feature a name to the left and come in your choice of blue, pink, or yellow. The 5″ x 7″ matte pads are the ideal size for small or long lists depending on the handwriting of the list maker. With 200 sheets for $29.95, you’ll have plenty of room for mistakes or extra chores!  Because the memos are padded your child can enjoy tearing the sheet away to start a new day when he or she has completed their tasks!

To make sure no one tries to pawn chores off on someone else you could think about purchasing the Summit Memos. Item number 3098. is a  6″ x 8″ memo and ideal for list making.  They come with pre-printed lines and have a space at the top for a name to be printed. You may choose white or ivory paper, one of several ink color choices and either block or script writing. For $19.95 you will receive two pads of 100 sheets each. The pads are printed with flat ink digitally and should take (like most paper products printed in house) three to five business days to process with shipping time to follow as with most items.

However you decide to get your little ones motivated, we commend you. Chores are a great way to teach responsibility and confidence. We hope that you find a product on our website that will help you in your journey. Whether it be one of the above, or one of many other items we carry sure to fit your needs.

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