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Every man has dreamed about having their own man cave, a place were they can relax, watch the game and feel like king of the castle. A man cave is a designated area of the house that is specialized to meet the individualized needs of a man.

The relationship between a man and his own cave is an undeniably passionate one, more of a mental vacation, a chance to escape the rigors of everyday life without having to take more than a few steps. It’s a place you can make a mess, relax and yell at the TV. Along with its entertainment value, it is one of the easiest renovations you can make to your home.

One of the most beautiful things about the man cave is that one can be made almost anywhere in your home. This could be a basement, a spare bedroom or any room where man-cave necessities, such as cable, can be hooked up. The great thing about a man cave is that you can include anything you want. The idea is to tailor it to your specific interests. Then budget for those things, giving room for other miscellaneous purchases along the way.

First things first, you have to establish where you plan on creating your new room. Measure the room, visualize what you want to transform the space into, and then find the centerpiece for your room. It doesn’t matter how precise your idea is, just give the room some congruity. Have an idea for the space. Be it a TV room, a mini pool hall, a poker lounge, or an entertaining space for the guys. Make sure your intended activity can actually be done in the room. No two men are the same, and the same goes for man caves. Remember you are trying to create an escape so you don’t want to sacrifice your dream because you are short on cash. Regardless of your building experience, it’s always good to mull your idea over with your friends, spouse, and/or your contractor before you kick off the project.

Every man cave must have a big screen TV to watch the game or an action flick. This is no small decision either. Wide screen is a must and the bigger the better. Sometimes TV’s just aren’t big enough. A projector solves that problem, and gives the room a movie theatre feel. Don’t forget the details and make sure the cable package is getting the channels the caveman needs. A mini-fridge is usually enough. Once you’ve set foot in the man cave, you don’t want to step out and risk getting distracted or nagged. Keep any type of beverage, food and other perishables fully stocked.

Sports mugs are crafted of thick glass and contoured exquisitely, this is one mug you’ll treasure for years. 

Tumbler glasses are the epitome of barware essentials. Each gently tapered glass features a timeless silhouette and with their thick weighted bases, they are a pleasure to hold. Each glass is engraved with a single block initial at no additional cost.

Pilsner glasses will help you toast in sheer style with this sleek pilsner set. A shapely option, these pilsners are crafted from refined crystal clear glass and engraved with a block single initial.

Island Shooter glasses are modeled after a double shot glass, are miniature barware essentials.

On some days, you’re going to spend more time in the man cave than usual, you’re not going to want to be stuck sitting on something uncomfortable. You need a comfortable set of furniture, you could always pick up used furniture from a garage sale but you can also get great furniture online at a good price. Do not underestimate the importance of the comfy chair. Be sure to pick comfortable, long wearing, forgiving furniture.

Sure, we’d all like a giant custom painting of ourselves looking like a boss hanging from the wall of our man cave. Order a blow up print of your favorite photo of yourself from your local pharmacy.

Posters are a must, you loved them when you were a kid but your wife will not let you have them in your bedroom so the man cave is the perfect place for one.

You aren’t always going to be happy when entering the man cave. To help cheer you up, you should find something that will take you to your happy place. For example, any items from your past such as a lucky baseball, the golf ball you used to record your first hole in one, or a trophy from your childhood.

Every man cave has a neon sign make sure you get yours. I like the beer signs for my man cave. There are countless signs available online or at your local lighting store. The light really sets the room off.

Post a sign. Anyone that walks by the man cave needs to know it’s off limits without your permission.

You must have entertainment if there isn’t a big game on so get a game table. A pool table in your man cave will give you a reason to invite friends over to hang out.

Gaming could mean anything from consoles to dartboard or a pool table.

Other great options for entertaining your friends are air hockey, ping pong, or foosball.

Another great idea is a computer, it will help you with music, keeping track of fantasy games, looking up stats of players, or having a trivia night.

A few other added touches will really throw of special events at you man cave such as personalized cocktail napkins which are high quality absorbent beverage napkins with your choice of design.

Custom Playing Cards are two decks of cards, one blue and one burgundy, personalized with your monogram. Bridge pads are personalized in red script with a card suit border (playing cards and bridge pads are sold separately).

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