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So, you’ve been invited to a party and you know, because you are such a classy and chic lady that bringing a gift to the hostess is the proper thing to do.

But, what should you bring? A bottle of wine is always a great choice however; many others may bring a bottle as well. What about a nice house plant? Always a terrific choice as well again though it is often done. However, stationery is a timeless and unfortunately not often thought of gift for your party throwing pal.

Many people love to take the time to send a note to a friend and when they already have stylish important stationery at their fingertips they are more likely to do so. Chances are your host will have a few people to thank for their efforts in the party throwing process.

Maybe she will need to thank her always thinking sister who remembered to bring ice at the last minute for the cocktails. Also, her best friend deserves some praise for lending out her favorite candleholders. Or even the caterer who went above and beyond to exceed her expectations.

No worries on whether or not your friend will need the gift or use it because personalized stationery is always appreciated! Now, depending on how well you know your hostess will help you to determine what style of stationery suits her best.

One of the most popular items we sell is the SEN. This item is called the timeless embossed note for a reason. The paper is lovely and durable available in four color choices and the embossing gives it that little je ne sais quoi without being over the top. Invited to a garden party? Think of ordering the Hydrangea notes and seals for your hostess. You’ll be hard pressed to find another note that holds such beautiful color and detail. The accompanying seals add just the perfect touch to the bank of a plain envelope. This is the right choice for your garden clubs president or that neighbor who always has the most pristine peonies and insists on showing them off every June during a fabulous soiree.


For your niece who is just learning the ropes of entertaining and etiquette, consider purchasing the Write in Style notes. These modern and sophisticated notes are just the thing make sure she keeps her correspondence (including thank you notes) up to date.

Remember there are a million different options out there for what you can bring as a gift and stationery says you think she’s responsible, proper, and chic. Who wouldn’t want to be thought of that way?

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