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Giving Thanks and Giving Back

When we think of Thanksgiving parties, most of us think of the feasts, the toasts, the family, and football. Everyone is for these lovely traditions, but why not begin some tasteful, unconventional traditions of your own? Here are some “fresh” takes on giving Thanks this Holiday season:

Starting a "Thanksgiving Circle"

Here is one special tradition that is especially thoughtful during the Thanksgiving Season. Start by thinking of two people you want to thank for being in your life. Write and send a personal letter explaining just what each of those people mean to you, and include a gift of personalized stationery. Encourage them to continue the circle of love by using a piece of the stationery you have given them to send a similar sentiment to two loved ones of their own. In lieu of, or in addition to, a note of your own, you can include a message like this one:

I want to say thank you for always being there;
I want you to know just how deeply I care.
And now that I have given thanks and now that you know,
Please help this circle of love continue to grow.

Thanksgiving Recipe Party

Recipe parties can be a great way to get to know people (and get to know some great recipes, of course!) Here is a great way to get some delicious Thanksgiving recipes while getting your favorite people together during this special time of year.

When you send your party invitations, include a set of personalized stationery for each guest, and ask that they write down a favorite recipe on one of the cards. As guests arrive, you can place their recipe cards in a book. After the party is over, you can make a copy of the entire recipe book and send one copy to each guest. They will have a whole slew of new recipes and the personalized stationery will make it clear exactly who was responsible for each delicious idea.

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