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We know it is only July and your December holiday preparations are probably at the very top of your to-do list, so we are going to go over some of the reasons people send holiday cards and help you get started.

Mailing Christmas Cards
As soon as you finish addressing your last holiday card envelope, you should mail them immediately. That is, if it isn’t July. Our advice is to order your cards no later than the end of September and get them signed, addressed and sealed as early as possible. Mail your finished batch of holiday cards all at the same time, so no one thinks you forgot them unnecessarily after seeing your card at the home of someone else. A good rule of thumb is to mail your cards between Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas. That way, they are in people’s hands before the holidays and mailing them earlier will avoid them getting lost in the shuffle with the thousands of other cards.

Just like a wedding invitation, sometimes holiday cards are a little heavier than an average letter would be, especially if you’ve included a photo or Christmas letter with the card. It is a good idea to weigh your cards or mail them from the post office to see that the postage is paid up front, rather than your recipients being asked to pay Postage Due. Also, be sure to mail your holiday cards First Class, as anything lower will not be forwarded or returned to you in the event of an incorrect address.

Be aware that Christmas is not the only Holiday
Though several people celebrate Christmas and Christmas-time, for religious reasons or otherwise, it is important to realize that there are other holidays that your friends, family members and colleagues might celebrate in conjunction with or instead of Christmas. If you are unsure or just wish to play it safe, you can always select a card that is holiday-neutral altogether or buy a smaller quantity of neutral holiday cards to send to those you are unsure about. Holiday-neutral greeting cards include those printed with "Season’s Greetings," "Happy Holidays," or "Happy New Year."

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