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Do you want your party to be fun, exciting and full of great people? Where are you going to have a party? Will it be a big event or a little get together? Will it be for an occasion?

Decide on a theme. This will help you decide.

If it is a birthday party, most people try to have the party on that date. Also, make sure to pick a date where most of your guests are free.

Are you able to spend a lot of money? You’re the host so you ought to mingle with everyone that you invited, if you can.

Take into consideration who you want to invite to your party. Not everyone wants to dance, not everyone wants to listen to the music, some people want to talk and relax. Accommodate for different interests and levels of social comfort with space planning if it is possible, and if applicable, different age groups. Only invite guests that you want. Only invite people who respect you. Invite people you would like to get to know better, and if you want your party to be big, tell them to bring their friends. Get as accurate a count as you can before the party so as to make certain you have the space, parking, food and drink to accommodate.

Consider the theme and try to pick something that goes with the season and has a catchy name. Grab a few decorations, conversation starters or party favors that match the theme. Invite people you like and/or know -inviting people due to their status won’t enhance the status of your party or its quality.

Buy invitations. Pass them out within a reasonable time frame of notice. If you plan on instructing your invitees to bring friends, don’t send out the invitations too soon or you could end up with a bigger party population than you can handle.

Remember that invitations set the tone of your party so choose wisely. And be sure to be personal by putting names on your invitations. This will improve your party’s attendance and make for a more memorable party.

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Determine what food to provide. Your food choice packs a big punch in your party. If you don’t know what to get, ask around to see what your future party-attendees would like. Do not neglect drinks or chilled storage for these drinks.

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Pick music that you think will be most agreeable to the spirit of your party and your guests. It’s a good idea to have a computer with lots of music available, also available via the internet. If you don’t have a lot of your own tunes, ask your guests to bring their own.

If you want to have an energetic dance environment, have music, strobe lights, lasers, fog machines and maybe some video synchronized with your music.

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Clean your house and clean yourself. Nobody likes a dirty party. It’s a good idea to have some cleaning stuff around, and stain stick just in case someone spills on themselves or your furniture. Make sure there is enough toilet paper.

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Have some party games set up. This does not mean what it used to with pin the tail on the donkey or spin the bottle. Some games of everything as players deal with divorced parents, mediocre jobs/income, and marriage. It can be a real laugh.

Have plans to address rules and guest safety.

Make sure you have a good time and enjoy it.

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do at a party is mingle. There’s nothing worse than feeling that you are the only one with nobody to socialize with.

Always make sure you know who the host is and why the party is happening (especially if you are going as a friend of the friends).

When you arrive at the place of gathering, stop at the door for a few moments and look around. This will give you time to get your bearings. See if there is anyone you know and walk towards them. Even if you don’t know anyone, walk into the room with a smile like you know at least half the people there. Chances are you will get smiles in return.

Find your host. Compliment them on the great party, and the number of people there. In fact if you admit that you don’t know most of them, they will probably introduce you around.

When you are introduced, put your hand out for a firm handshake. If you do choose to shake hands, make sure the handshakes are firm. Shake once or twice and say something, like ‘hello’.

Look around. If you see people in groups chatting, walk towards them. See if you can overhear bits of conversations. If it’s something you are familiar with, join in. More often than not you will be welcomed. Let the person continue to speak and finish what they are saying. When you are sure that they are finished, state your opinions politely, not aggressively. You will most likely make acquaintances like this. When a topic of conversation fades out ask the people in the group about themselves. They will probably ask you the same. Seize upon commonalities. If you are from the same workplace, you may have a lot more in common. Ask them about the work in their department, any changes that have been made etc.


  • Dress according to the occasion.
  • Most people love to talk about themselves, so ask them about their work, or their interests, or what they like to do for fun.
  • Always show up at the place of the party 2 and a half hours before the party starts to take care of decorations, cake, drinks, food, and music, etc. Make sure that everything is near perfect.
  • Never criticize anyone or talk about anyone to people you meet. You never know if they might know the person about whom you are talking.
  • Play music that everyone will enjoy!
  • Make sure you talk to everyone and ask how they are doing to ensure everyone feels like they are getting enough attention. No one wants to sit all by themselves the entire party.
  • Don’t invite someone who is negative; they may bring your night down.
  • Don’t stand in a corner and wait for someone to come to you to talk – it probably will not happen.
  • Be a good listener. Pay attention when others are speaking, and they will include you in the conversation.
  • Try to avoid people who dislike other people on your guest list.
  • Never get in an argument at your own party.
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