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With school back in full swing for most of us and soccer practice starting any day now, we can’t help but, realize autumn is on its way!

Autumn or fall whichever you choose to call it is a favorite season for many. While it is always sad to say farewell to summertime, the new boots and sweaters popping up in your favorite department store are easily urging you to welcome the next season.  The evenings get cooler, the air a bit sweeter and who doesn’t go crazy for the beauty of changing leaves?

When the seasons begin to change it is always a time to celebrate. The official first day of Autumn is September 22nd this year. There are many different ways to celebrate, a common way to do so is the harvest party.

For most of us this will be one of the last times you can have an outdoor party. So if you have a big yard and or live in the country, this is a great time to have your last hurrah in the outdoors this year.

Worried it will get cold as the night goes on? Have a fire. Whether in a small pit or a large bonfire people love to gather around fires. We’ve been doing it for hundreds of years. Set up a table equipped with chocolate bars, marshmallows and graham crackers and make smores while you’re at it. Be sure to check into local laws regarding open flames if you aren’t already well versed in your local laws regarding this. And always have rules in place pertaining to the fire, particularly for younger children.

As far as food is concerned, it depends on what you are in the mood for. Would you like to have your final hot dog and hamburger on the grill? If so go all in and have a full barbeque complete with potato salad, and cole slaw. Or look into local catering businesses as many will roast a whole hog for you either at your location or more conveniently at theirs and bring it in to you already pulled apart and in large serving trays. Around this area, many people choose to take the term “harvest party” quite literal and will cook much of the items from their garden as main portions of the meal. Think fire-roasted sweet corn, green beans mixed with potatoes, onions and sausage, cooked over and open flame, and an abundance of cold slices of tomato and watermelon.

Beverages are to be varied. Serve both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version of apple cider. Sweet tea and other non-alcoholic late summer beverages are ideal to be served as well. Remember we’re looking for a farewell to summer and a hello to fall all in one shot. Consider making a signature cocktail. There are a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes on the internet. A quick search will likely yield hundreds of results, so there is likely one out there to excite you. Things with cider and cinnamon are very popular this time of year.

To go with your beverages, make sure you check out our full range of tumblers and napkins. The ability to put on your favorite logo and then personalize with your choice of font and ink color make them ideal for an outdoor get together. You can save them for another event or let your guests take empty ones home as a reminder of the great time they had.

We have several different types of napkins. But, our most popular are the design your own cocktail napkins. These white napkins are sold in sets of 50 for just $22.95. You can have them personalized with your choice of ink color, design, typestyle, and wording. There are many autumn designs to choose from, and many general designs as well. Be sure to order plenty. Most party planners suggest one to two napkins per drink and an average of about two drinks per person per hour.

Also, look into our DYO embossed luncheon napkins. These napkins are sold in sets of 50 for $40.95. They come in a wide variety of colors and are embossed with your choice of design and wording. Made of durable 3-ply paper, just like the napkins mentioned above, they are both beautiful and functional.

To tie the look together, you’ll likely want to purchase some design your own tumblers that match your napkins. We sell many different kinds here at American Stationery. You can select clear or frosted depending on your style. Also note that while both are reusable, only the frosted are dishwasher safe. (top rack only) Choose your ink colors, design and wording to make them perfect for your harvest party. They range from $45.95 for 50 to $75.95.

We also offer foam cups, still available to be perfectly personalized in your choice of wording, ink color and design, the foam cups are sold only in the 16 oz size at 50 for $48.95. These cups are durable and may be best for parties involving a lot of moving around or dancing. Especially good to serve those warm drinks in at the end of the night.

If you want super durable and colorful tumblers look no further than our new design your own stadium cups. Like the above choose your design and wording to match your theme. These cups are also sold in our signature 50 count for $49.95 and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors!

Of course you cannot forget the invitations. American Stationery offers two different invitations that will fit your harvest theme beautifully.

The Autumn Flowers invitations, are decorated with several different sized and colored pumpkins. Atop each pumpkin is a beautifully colored mum in several different autumnal colors. The border is printed in a lovely shade of wine.  Printed in portrait your wording can be printed in your choice of size and font so long as it fits! The wording is printed mostly at the top and along the right side to accommodate the design of the card. The size is a perfect 5.75: x 8.75″ and is only printed in flat ink.You will receive 20 cards for just $36.00 along with plain white envelopes. Matching accessories such as mailing labels to complete your look are sold separately. The item number for those is 9872 and you will receive 120 labels for $24.00.

The Harvest Flair invitation showcases several different autumn designs including pumpkins, gourds and leaves. Printed in landscape at the size of 5.75″ x 8.75″ this card says autumn party! Your choice of ink color and font will be printed to the right as the designs fill up much of the left side of the card. You will receive 20 cards for just $36.00 along with plain white envelopes. Matching accessories such as mailing labels to complete your look are sold separately. The item number for those is 9873 and you will receive 120 labels with a simple green trim for $24.00.

Last but not least, do not forget to decorate! Display large mums in wooden bushel baskets, tie a few stalks of corn together, or purchase some large gourds to stack. Cotton tablecloths in rich, fall colors will look lovely on a patio table or even an old card table. Hang white Christmas lights from a tree for a little ambiance or place small votive candles inside glass canning jars. This season, you really can use nature to your advantage and look around for things to decorate with from your yard. A bale of straw and some small piles of leaves look beautiful and cost next to nothing.

Enjoy your party and be sure to work ahead so that when the big day comes, you to get to welcome the season with family and friends.

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