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Coming soon is National Grandparent’s Day. This holiday was started in 1978 to be the first Sunday after Labor Day. It is a wonderful holiday, with limited publicity.  This year, it will be celebrated on September 8th. And if you order soon, you should have plenty of time to order that special gift for your loving grandparents.

There are of course several reasons why we would want to purchase a gift for our grandparents. They do so much for us. From kissing boo-boos and making cookies when we are little, to helping us to negotiate and understand our parents when we are teenagers. And then for a few of us lucky ones, being there for us when our children are born and witnessing and guiding us to be great parents.

Celebrating grandparent’s day is a great way to show them how much they mean to you. This is also a great way to show your children that older generations have a lot of knowledge and information to offer.

Many grandparents these days are still quite active people. In fact some more so than those still working their way up in their 70’s. From social events, to volunteer work, and of course family. The golden years are sometimes the busiest years! Therefore, fitting things into their social life can be difficult. Consider purchasing them one of our uniquely designed calendars.

At American Stationery we offer many different styles to choose from. One such style is the Mia Summer Collection. This pretty piece of impressionist art is designed with bright pink flowers and green swirls this will be a hit with Grandma and help her stay organized.  Sold separately are matching items such as: Fold notes, mailing labels, book plates, and calling cards.

Pick up one or two of the matching accessories to keep her look put together and stay corresponding in style.

Keeping up with friends and family that have moved a lot over the years is never difficult to do when they have their own stationery.

American Stationery is always coming up with new and unique designs guaranteed to fit every personality and every age. Whether you think they would prefer a standard embossed note such as the Always Correct Embossed Notes and Envelopes, with its classic and simple embossing on your choice of four different paper colors. Or something new and more whimsical like the Napoli Notes with the name printed in a carefree typestyle at the bottom right of the folded note. Both are sold with plain envelopes and are blank on the inside for a quick note, or a more lengthy message.

Nice pens are important for everyone but, grandparents have been around awhile and they know what quality is. They will definitely enjoy using these dependable and beautiful pens. Sold for just $12.50, think about purchasing a Schaffer Pen or two for them.

There are several colors to choose from. So there shouldn’t be any difficulty finding the perfect color. You will be sure to make them smile by showing them you know what it means to them to look polished. For a few dollars more you can have the pen personalized.

This way you will keep the arguments at bay over just whose pen that is.

One of our more popular items are our customized playing cards. You will receive two personalized decks for $24.95. One in navy and one in burgundy, personalized with a gold stamped monogram. These cards are sturdy and come in their own box easy for traveling to their weekly bridge game.

Sold separately is the Bridge Scoring Pads. These pads come personalized with your grandparents name(s) at the top. One pad is $15.95 and has 100 sheets for plenty of games. The score pad makes, score keeping easy and is a nice 5″x8″ size easy for writing on and reading.

This Grandparent’s day why not purchase a gift for your grandparents. You can have us send it directly to them, or better yet deliver it yourself. And for Grandma don’t forget to grab a bouquet of Forget-me-nots, the official flower of Grandparents. day. Take time out of your schedule to tell those who have always cared so much for you just what they mean to you.

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