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Purchasing gifts for older family members often proves just as troublesome as it is for those coming of age.  This can be particularly true when the gift for the older more distinguished gentleman in your life. Believe us, the dad or grand dad can prove just as hard to buy for as that picky teenager in your life. He’s just not as vocal about it.

Why? Because for the most part, they have everything they want and are established enough that if they see something that strikes their fancy, they can go out and purchase said item. It’s incredibly time consuming to hunt for a gift to purchase for someone who has mostly everything they desire, let alone the fact that they can purchase whatever they would like.

A fact those of us who are the primary shoppers for our family knows to well is that  quite often it is hard to buy the simple things for ourselves that we need or want to use daily.

Things like fine ink pens! We offer several different outwardly colored Sheaffer pens. These stylish ink pens are all 5 ½” long and contain a push button mechanism. This sleek pen can be taken anywhere and look just as lovely on a desk in a home office as they do in an executive suite. They all contain blue ball-point ink, and are available to be personalized for just a few dollars more. A quick search on the website for the word “pen” will return all of our options for you to browse.

Letterhead for the home office is another great gift. Our executive stationery set item # 8370 is by far one of the most popular letterhead sets we have. This beautiful stationery is made of some of the finest quality paper and offers four different set ups.  It is printed with raised ink which allows for a very expensive look without the price. You may also choose your ink color and personalize anyway you like with up to four lines of print. The envelopes may be printed as part of the $65.95 price and allow up to four lines of print as well.  Your choice of white or ivory paper will set the style you desire to present. This is the perfect choice for the home office as it allows for extra personalization to make even the most picky man in your life happy.

If stationery is the desired gift to give, there is also the ever popular item number S4 titled Best Value! Our standard box, and it truly is. This set comes with 200 sheets and 100 envelopes for the price of $38.95! You may choose between white or ivory paper and from multiple ink colors and typestyles. The size of 6” x 7” is perfect for corresponding with friends and family and the extra sheets are handy incase your father is a little long winded. If that doesn’t provide enough extra sheets you can purchase even more sheets for $17.95 item number SS. Because the sheets and envelope are printed with flat ink, you may run them through a printer in lieu of handwriting if preferred.

Correspondence cards are a wonderful way to keep up with retired colleagues. At American Stationery our most popular correspondence card is by far the navy hand bordered card. This heavyweight card comes with a beautiful hand lined navy border and you can order it in ivory or white. With the name or monogram featured at the top, there is still plenty of room to write on this 6 ¼” by 4 ½” card. Item number HBC comes in sets of 25 and starts at the price of $34.95 for just 25 cards with plain envelopes. You may upgrade the envelopes with an inner liner and or return address printing for additional costs. These cards are sophisticated and straightforward just like your favorite older gentleman.

Does the gentleman in your life want a little less sophistication and a little more fun in his correspondence? Take a peek at the popular DYO correspondence cards. These cards come in the same 6 ¼’ by 4 ½” size and feature the name along with an icon at the top of the card. With your choice of ink color, paper color, and type style they are easy to personalize for a particular personality while maintaining a balanced look of class.  These cards are sold in sets of 50 for $38.95 with plain envelopes. Upgrades such as return address printing and envelope liner are available for additional costs.

Stationery not the best choice for the man you have in mind? We offer so many personalized items, there is something for everyone.

For the man who has most everything, think to yourself does he have a set of customized playing cards? He’ll be the talk of his bridge club when he walks in with these stylish and customized playing cards. Item number 3749 comes monogrammed in gold foil print for $24.95. You will receive two decks, one in burgundy and one in navy.

If you would like, you may order a customized bridge pad separately. The pads (item number 3750) come with 100 personalized playing sheets for $15.95. Sized 5” by 8” they are easy to grab and take along with the playing cards. With this price, you may order one for home and one to keep at the local club he frequents.

Don’t forget about that great uncle who is still a bit of a rebel. We all have one don’t we? He never quite decided to adapt to all of life’s supposed social norms and tends to do things a bit outside of the box. You know the one who always seems to know where the liquor is before anyone else? The one with wild stories of when and where he got this fancy cigar he’s currently smoking.  For him; take a look at our personalized flasks. These flasks showcase several different design options and can be personalized with a name or a monogram. Measuring 3.3” x 4.1” it will hold seven ounces of his choice of liquid. This item is produced at a separate facility and takes approximately three weeks to arrive. The cost is just $17.95 and the item number is 2872. Type in that number to view all of the many different styles the flask is available in.

So the next time you have that difficult man on your holiday shopping list, take a look at all American Stationery has to offer. You’d be surprised how easy it is to please even the most sophisticated gentleman in your life.

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