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Sometimes when someone we know is sick or has had a surgery, we want to do something for them but, are unsure of what exactly to do. Sure there are cards, flowers, and meals to bring by but sometimes those things can be overdone or just not appropriate for the particular person. That’s why we have decided to compile a small list of items we offer at American Stationery that we feel would be nice gifts to your loved ones who are currently recovering from whatever ails them.

Show your loved one that even when you can’t physically be there, you are always by their side and order item 2813_9H. This etched natural wood frame is perfect for a picture from a favorite vacation or just a simple family photo. This is also an ideal way to keep pets by your side when they aren’t able to physically visit. With many different styles to choose from, you’ll definitely find the perfect style for your loved one. Each photo frame holds a 4″ by 6″ photo and has an easel back for an easy way to display. The price is $19.95 per frame and you can customize them to say whatever you would like as long as it fits in the space allotted!

When it is time to pay a visit to your loved one at home, you may want to make them a cup of hot tea, or a small meal. Why not bring it to them on their own personalized serving tray like item number 3253? These adorable Lucite trays are a beautiful addition to any home and will be used for years to come. You may choose from a multitude of different designs and have them personalized with a name or family name. For $55.05 this 12″ by 12″ by 2 1/2″ tray is a thoughtful and non- traditional get well gift that will certainly be appreciated now and in the future.

Finding a way to pass the time can be difficult when you are confined to a bed or small space. Sure movies and books are fun but, sometimes you long for some human interaction. When that happens, consider purchasing a set of personalized playing cards like item 3251. These brilliantly colored playing cards come with several different designs to choose from and can be personalized with a name or a monogram making it less likely that the hospital staff will accidentally sweep them up. The cards are the standard 2 1/2″ by 3 1/2″ size and come with a clear acrylic box for safe and easy storage.

While we aren’t all capable of penning the great American novel while bedridden, jotting down great ideas, a short story or even a shopping list can be easy to do with item number 3203. For $47.95 you will receive a traditional sized clipboard personalized with a name or monogram and choice of design along with a white or ivory (your choice) memo pad. We even personalize the pad so that they can use the pad with and without the clipboard.

If your friend is anticipating a lengthy recovery and or is far from home, you could consider purchasing item number 9476 for them. I know what you’re thinking an address book as a get well present? But, the trick is that before you wrap the gift you fill it with family and friends phone numbers’ and addresses. This would make it easier for someone who can’t get around to keep in touch. With names and addresses at their fingertips they can write letters and make phone calls quicker than ever. It is not personalized but, comes in a vibrant yellow color for easy spotting across the room and comes in an efficient 6 1/8 ” by 8 1/2″ size making it perfect to read without taking up much room.

Whatever you choose to purchase for your friend, they are sure to appreciate it. Remember warm thoughts and laughter are just two wonderful and free gifts that everyone can benefit from!

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