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I know everyone reading this loves to write their own personalized letters. At times you just like to write an informal letter to a friend or family member. Other times you just need some stationery for a quick note at work. Should you use just any stationery for a more formal occasion such as a condolence letter, a note to your boss, a thank you note, or any one of the many serious matters that occur in life? I thought you would say no. There are those times that you need a more sophisticated, elegant or formal looking stationery. Usually letter sheets are more formal then your standard correspondence card but using sheets is a waste of stationery if you do not need the full length. Luckily for you embossed correspondence cards are a good way to go. Embossed correspondence cards are roughly the same size as a normal correspondence card with a much more elegant and formal appearance. Finding the right embossed correspondence card is a task in and of itself. Good thing American Stationery has a few good choices in their line of beautiful personalized stationery.


Elegant, formal, sophisticated. . . everything you would need in an embossed correspondence card is offered here. This 6 1/4″ by 4 1/2″, heavy stock correspondence card is an excellent choice for your short, formal note card needs. These cards come in your choice of crisp, clean white or the more elegant ivory color paper. Feature top and center is your personal name, last name, company name, or whatever you want embossed there. Your personalization comes in your choice of a block or script font. With only the name embossed. This card leaves you with the front and back for your note writing needs. The embossed correspondence card is definitely a good choice for formal note writing occasions.


A very elegant correspondence card awaits you with this product, yet another 6 1/4″ by 4 1/2″ heavy stock correspondence card with a touch of sophistication. These formal correspondence cards also come in your choice of crisp, clean white or the more elegant ivory color paper. The personalization of your choice is featured top and center of these correspondence cards. Your choice of script or block font for your personalization. The block font adds a unique touch with capital letters with the excess height falling below the lower case letters, unlike normally the excess height rising above the lower case letters. Only one line of personalization is embossed on these cards leaving front and back for note writing needs. Optional return address embossed on the envelopes is offered with this product. A beautifully elegant correspondence card for any formal or business writing needs.


These correspondence cards are a fun yet elegant way of note writing. The top of these cards features one line of personalization and a choice of design. This allows for options to make the stationery fit your personality. Paper color options are white or ivory. Your one line of personalization can be printed in one of a selection of fonts. These cards can be as formal, informal or anywhere in between as you want with choice of font and design. Optional return address embossed on envelope flap.

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