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When selecting your location, be sure you shop around for hotels in the area willing to block of rooms for your guests. Some may even negotiate a discounted group rate. You should also investigate and share with your guests what airlines offer the best rate of travel. If you are holding your wedding or rehearsal in a remote area, I would recommend that you arrange for transport to and from your event. That makes it easier for guests trying to navigate in an unfamiliar area. You may also want to coordinate and offer airport shuttles for your guests…remember they are extending themselves to participate and anything you can offer to make them comfortable will be appreciated.

When planning your reception dinner I would try to stick with the basics. Plan within your budget, keep decorations to a minimum and offer the best food and drinks available. You are going to be in a dream location so enjoy the local fare and splurge on music or entertainment. Everyone is going to be in "vacation mode" and the reception should be a fun and relaxing event for all. This is the time a wedding planner would be very helpful, and if not your local hotel staff can probably provide a lot of great suggestions and help.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider your thank you notes early in the process. I really nice touch is a photo thank you note, taken of you at your wedding. It can be in your wedding colors, and will be sure to bring back memories for all that attended. You can find a nice selection of colors and styles on the American Stationery and The American Wedding websites. I think this is a not only a thoughtful, but great finishing touch, to a well executed wedding.

So go ahead, plan a destination wedding of your dreams. It will definitely be a day, or days, that all of your guests will be talking about for years. Who knows, you might even start a trend…5 or 10 year anniversary parties held in the same locale. Whatever you decide, have fun and make sure you leave enough time to relax, laugh and transform this in to the day of your dreams!

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