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For many Americans, the rising costs of living can be overwhelming to say the least. A possible recession, soaring gas and food prices, and a poor real estate market among other things have most American families re-thinking their budgets and cutting back on anything not considered a necessity. "Scaling back" does not necessarily have to mean doom and gloom. When money is tight and it tough to make ends meet, we are all challenged to look for creative ways to live the lives we want to live. Over the next two weeks, we are going to launch a blog series devoted to a few ways that something as simple as a set of stationery can help you and your family cope during tough economic times, and have some fun along the way.

Read the following 5 articles on ways we think letter writing can help you through tough economic times:

1.  Landing a Great Job and Looking to the Future

2.  Creating a Personal Network

3.  Staying in Touch While Staying Home

4.  Finding Creative Forms of Entertainment

5.  Being Resourceful…Being Yourself

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks to read these articles and see how personalized stationery and the art of letter writing can really change someone’s life…maybe even yours.

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