For Love of the Letter – Why letters are better than email…

In this technological day and age, our society seems to have lost some of our personal communication skills.  Now don’t misunderstand us, American Stationery uses the Internet, an online customer resource management system and inter-office email as valuable business tools just like anyone else.  However, we also remember a day of hand-written, post office delivered letters, love notes not written in a popular font, scribbled to-do lists and grocery lists on the refrigerator and so much more.  In all the hustle and bustle of society today, people seem to not want to take the time to sit down with a pen and paper and write down what they have to say.  Is it that much more convenient to type a quick email or text message and send it?  When we take the quick route we loose all the emotion and personal touch.  The only way an email conveys emotion is if you use the emoticons.  A person’s handwriting says so much about what they’re thinking, feeling and what kind of mood their in.  There are literally handwriting experts who can tell if you are male or female, your age and how much education you’ve had.

Think back to the days before email….remember when you’d get a personal letter in the mail.  Did you try to guess who it was from based on the handwriting?  Remember how exciting it was to rip open the envelope to see what kind of stationery they had used?  To see who sent it and what they had to say?  Sometimes the stationery had even absorbed some of the person’s smell so it was like you were sitting there beside them having a conversation.  Don’t you miss that?  Is there any way to get all that from an email?
We know that with the rising cost of stamps that people will continue to use email more and more.  We also know we’re a little biased by the fact that we sell stationery for a living, but we prefer to keep things as personal as possible. We want to encourage you to be personal today and send someone a hand-written correspondence.  You’d be amazed at how many other people miss getting a hand-written letter and the response you get.

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