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Professional Thank You Notes

Read any book on interviewing or climbing the corporate ladder and you'll realize the importance of sending thank you notes at almost every opportunity. A different set of rules applies to saying "Thanks" in your professional life. Click here for some tips on writing professional thank you notes.

Whether you just walked away from a promising interview, a client refereed some additional business to you, or you received a letter of recommendation from a former employer, you need to say "Thanks." American Stationery offers plenty of personal yet professional ways to do so:

All-in-One notes look sophisticated and smart.

Initialed Correspondence Cards are a clean and classic option.

Rich, Embossed Thank You Cards are always appropriate.

Business Than You Cards allow you to say 'thanks" on behalf of your entire team.

If you are mailing an important thank you on behalf of your business, you may want to consider printing the note on your business letterhead.

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