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For an additional fee of $6 you can get your stationery gift wrapped. Your gift message is included on an attractive gift card.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Time & Shipping

How can I check the status of my shipped order?

To check the status of your shipped order, please click here.

How long does it take to get my order?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for Manufacturing Time and Shipping.

Can you ship overseas?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for Shipping.

What kind of packing do you use in shipping?"

Our packaging peanuts are environmentally friendly and bio-degradeable.

Can I . . . ?

Can I use sheets printed with Thermography in my Laser Printer?

If you like your letterhead printed using thermography, you should realize that thermography and laser printers don't mix. (Thermography is a printing technology that allows the ink to rest on the surface of the paper.) Thermography is applied at relatively low heat and has little heat tolerance. This means that the high heat used in a laser printer will cause the ink to come off the paper and adhere to the laser printer's drum. This can ruin a good batch of paper, or worse, ruin the laser printer itself.

On the website, Embossed items appear with gray ink. Why?

We show it with gray ink to be readable. Pictures of embossing are difficult to read on screen.

Can I get my item Gift Wrapped?

For an additional fee of $8 you can get your stationery gift wrapped. Your gift message is included on an attractive gift card.

Can I change the paper color, accent color or size of my stationery item?

All product options are shown on the product detail and personalization pages. If you think we should offer additional options, we welcome your feedback. Please email your comments to us at customer service.

Can I get a different typestyle than what is shown or listed?

Products may be offered in one, or several different, typestyles. All the available typestyles for each product are provided on the personalization pages.

Can I have my company logo or clip art printed on my stationery?

Custom artwork can be imprinted by the American Stationery Design Service. Please call 1-800-822-2577 8AM to 5PM (EST), M-F, for information.

Can I make changes to my order once you have received it?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions regarding Changes or Cancellations..

Can I order my items without personalization?

To order products without personalization, simply leave the personalization fields empty.

What is the correct way to list a monogram for a husband and wife?

The wife's first initial should appear to the left of the last name initial and the husband's first name initial should appear to the right of the last name initial.



Bright-White is a crisp, pure white for that pristine, wedding-white look.


Ecru coordinates with an ivory color scheme.

Emboss or Blind Emboss

Embossing is the process of creating a raised, bas relief image on paper, or other substrates. It is accomplished by pressing the paper against a three-dimensional die, creating the raised image. Debossing is a similar process where the image is pressed into the paper as opposed to being raised.

Foil Stamp

Also known as "stamping" or "hot-stamping", it is the process of fusing foil to the paper. It is accomplished by pressing a thin layer of foil between the paper and a heated die. The image on the die effectively cuts and heats the foil, binding it permanently to the paper.

Fold Note

This is a note card that folds over. Typically, the front is impinted with a name or monogram, and your message is handwritten on the inside. Fold notes include envelopes. They are ideal for informal correspondence and brief, personal messages.

Letter Sheet

A letter sheet is a piece of personalized stationery, ideally suited for personal correspondence.

Soft White

Soft white is a rich, creamy vanilla-colored paper that has the look of timeless elegance.


The process of creating raised lettering by applying a powder to the freshly laid ink and fusing it to the paper through the application of heat.

Correspondence Card

A correspondence card is a flat, non-folding card that is perfect for everyday correspondence.

Flat Printing

Flat or offset printing differs from other printing techniques because it does not have the raised ink texture. Flat printed letterheads have a sharp page image text that is clear and concise.


Vellum is a finish applied to paper in the paper making process. It is a toothy finish, applied to increase the absorbtion rate of ink. It is generally available in higher quality papers. It has nothing to do with a paper's weight, color or opacity.

Hand Bordered

These cards feature a border hand applied in your choice of color on our heavy weight premium white and ivory card stock by craftsmen in a manner not often seen today.