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Show Your True Colors

A signature color does more than give your stationery that extra splash of style; it also provides you with the perfect opportunity to make a unique and personal statement each time you drop a note in the mail. Whether you have loved the same hue since you were a child, want to stay on top of all the most recent color trends, or simply want a wide variety of shades to choose from when you do your letter-writing, the colors you select for your personal stationery should reflect your own “true colors”.

At American Stationery, you can choose from a wide variety of embossed, hand-bordered, and printed stationery in an assortment of colors to suit your every need and whim. Here are a few of the ways that color can help your stationery come alive:

The Hue for You

Believe it or not, the colors you are attracted to actually say a lot about who you are as an individual. In the same way that the color of your nail polish, your clothing, and even your car reflect something about your own personal sense of style, the color you select for your own personal stationery will send the message (literally) that you are truly one of a kind. Not sure which colors appeal to you most? Try out this fun tool from the color geniuses at Pantone, which creates personalized color picks based on your date of birth.

For Every Season

You know the old rule “no white shoes after Labor Day?” we say no red and green in August! Pick stationery that feels as fresh and new as the season you are in. Bright yellow is especially appealing in the summer sunshine, pinks and pastels are as fresh as flowers in spring, and we love deeper, richer shades like hunter green and navy for fall and winter.

Mood Lighting

The meaningful letters you write and send to friends and family are composed of much more than your words themselves. The quality of the paper, the curve of your handwriting, and you guessed it, the colors you choose, all work together to create a memento that is both unique and representative of your personal message. Bright, cheerful colors are especially fun for festive correspondence. More subdued colors like navy and tan are traditionally appropriate for sympathy notes. Plain black ink on white or ecru paper is classically fitting for business correspondence. Soft pastels are natural choices for birth announcements, while thank you notes should be either vivid and bold or understated and unassuming, depending on the message and the mood you are hoping to create.