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Stationery for a New Generation

Traditionally, greeting cards and stationary companies have marketed almost exclusively to middle-aged female consumers. However, there has been a recent and significant shift to a younger generation of consumers, both male and female, due to the simple fact that younger people, maybe for the first time ever, are driving the stationery market.

This creates an exciting opportunity for traditional stationery companies to create new and exciting stationery concepts that will appeal to a new generation of stationery customers.

These facts may seem counter-intuitive, considering the barrage of emails, text messages, and web sites young people today seem to prefer as their primary means of communication. Interestingly, these high-tech conveniences have replaced formal letters as forms of every-day communication, but have not yet taken away the importance or appeal of traditional stationery products for more important or more sentimental purposes.

So, while a box of stationery will not be replacing a cell phone or a PDA anytime soon, stationery will always allow people to communicate in meaningful and personal ways, a concept that appeals to people of every generation.

A New Breed of Stationery

Throughout history, stationery and calling cards have provided people with a means of communicating and staying in contact with one another. But today, for a new generation of people, keeping in touch means much more than exchanging contact information and sharing important news. In today’s world of mass production and cookie-cutter design, personal stationery provides for an exciting form of personal expression. For that reason, today’s modern stationery consumers demand quality, personalization, convenience and style.


Well-made, quality stationery will last you for years. Friends and family will recognize the superior quality of your notes, and appreciate that your sentiments have been sent in a stylish way.


It seems like everywhere you turn, personal flourishes are appearing on everything from towels to clothing to technical devices. Be it a monogram, your initials, or your last name, adding a personal touch to your stationery will make it a must-have accessory.


Heading to a traditional stationery shop (if one even exists in your neighborhood) is a definite luxury, but not necessarily the most practical option. Why not shop from the convenience of home? Just be sure to choose a stationery site that provides for your convenience and safety. Your online stationer should:

  •   *Guarantee their product against printing errors or damage.
  •   *Provide a phone number, and answer calls regarding, customer questions.
  •   *Provide a secure site and have a clear privacy policy.


To put it simply, if your stationer does not offer a wide variety of colors, styles, personalization options and packages, you can do better. The options available to you should be as vast and as creative as your own imagination.