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Everyone's Guide To Stationery

Think stationery is out of vogue? Think again. In the age of e-mail and Facebook, friends appreciate a handwritten note even more.

The numbers don't lie (much): If you're 25-34, you're more likely to seek out, buy, and use stationery than any other age group.

Step 1: Change Your Thinking

If you want to get just the right note card, invitation or thank you, change your thinking. Stationery is not just a receptacle for your ink. The design should reinforce what you have to say.

Step 2: Consider the Purpose

What are you going to use this stationery for? To whom will you write?

  • Pinstriped notes are clean, professional and efficient. They're great for looking smart when you're writing business correspondence or writing to a wide circle of acquaintances.

  • A fancier correspondence card can include your own personal motif or symbol for one-to-one communications and notes to friends and colleagues.

  • Colorful hand bordered stationery can be whimsical, creative or classy. This style gives you lots of options for different communications.

  • You can style personalized stationery for just about any occasion or use. Clean type and basic color schemes are great for business. Bright colors and ornate fonts can be fun for holidays or personal notes.

Step 3: What's Your Budget?

As a rule, the more complex the stationery, the more expensive. Add in personalization and the cost goes up again.

It's often worth it, but you need to consider your budget, and why you need the stationery (see Step 2). Make sure what you're purchasing is reasonable.

Step 4: Where to Buy It?

Who you buy from can be as important as the stationery you select. Online ordering can work smoothly, but you need to make sure that the store you use, at a minimum:

  1. Guarantees their product against printing errors or damage.

  2. Provides a phone number for customer questions.

  3. Provides a secure site. You can look for a Hacker Safe logo, or just make sure your web browser doesn't show security warnings. Either way, make sure they've at least taken basic steps to protect your information.

  4. Has a clear privacy policy.

  5. Answers questions when you contact them.

  6. Makes it easy to select colors and styles.

If you can check off these six items, you can order with confidence.