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Stationery Glossary


A beveled edge is the precise angle cut along the edge of the bevel edge cards.


Paper stock that is crisp, clean and the purest shade of white. Most often used for letterhead and envelopes.

Blind Emboss

Blind emboss is a technique in which the impression of an uninked image is pressed into a sheet of paper. The image is raised on the paper.


Calligraphy is a traditional form of beautiful handwriting. Elegant, stylized letters are hand-written using a pen or ink and a brush.

Correspondence cards

Correspondence cards are single-sided stationery notes that can be plain or adorned and serve many functions. They can be used for short notes, thank yous, informal invitations, and more.


Often used to describe fabrics like linen and silk in the natural, unbleached state, ecru is a warm, very pale beige. Ecru coordinates well with an ivory color scheme.


Embossing is the process of creating a raised image on paper. It is accomplished by pressing the paper against a three-dimensional die, creating the raised image.


Debossing is a process similar to embossing, but the image is pressed into the paper as opposed to being raised.

Envelope Lining

Glossy paper that lines the inside of formal envelopes. Lining the envelopes adds an attractive and festive accent to the invitation.

Foil Stamp

Also known as "stamping" or "hot-stamping", it is the process of fusing foil to the paper. It is accomplished by pressing a thin layer of foil between the paper and a heated die. The image on the die effectively cuts and heats the foil, binding it permanently to the paper.

Fold Note

This is a note card that folds over. Typically, the front is imprinted with a name or monogram, and your message is handwritten on the inside. Fold notes include envelopes. They are ideal for informal correspondence and brief, personal messages.

Hand Bordered

Paper stock bordered by hand in a contrasting color.

Letter Sheet

A letter sheet is a piece of personalized stationery, ideally suited for personal correspondence.


A design composed of one or more letters used an identifying mark, typically the initials of an individual's name. Traditionally, the last initial is set in the middle, with the first and middle initials to the left and right, respectively.


A design consisting of a very thin stripe or stripes.


An example of how your final invitation or stationery will appear, allowing you to confirm the accuracy of spelling, information and spacing.

Soft White

Soft white is a rich, creamy vanilla-colored paper that has the look of timeless elegance.


Thermography is the process of creating raised lettering by applying a powder to the freshly laid ink and fusing it to the paper through the application of heat.

Type Style

A variety of typeface designs; for example, roman or italic.


Vellum is a finish applied to paper in the paper making process. It is a toothy finish, applied to increase the absorption rate of ink. It is generally available in higher quality papers. It has nothing to do with a paper's weight, color or opacity.