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Quick Tips for Brilliant Letter Writing

Follow these simple steps for flawless letters of every type: from personal to business and everywhere in between.

Pay attention to paper.
A letter of recommendation shouldn’t be scribbled on a fold note. Similarly, you probably don’t want to type a letter of condolence on stark white paper. Consider your intentions and choose wisely.

Stay focused.
Keep the concentration on what you are trying to say and/or what you want to happen after the recipient has read the letter.

Walk away.
If you are feeling emotional or overwhelmed while writing your letter, leave it and read it again in a few hours or even a few days. With a fresh outlook, you’ll likely want to make a few changes or possible start all over.

Get technical.
Take advantage of the spell check and grammar check functions on your computer. Type up a rough draft and edit away before putting pen to paper.

Create a perfect ending.
The last few lines are the last things the reader will remember about your note. End on a positive note by expressing thanks or admiration or affection, politely of course.