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Commonly Misspelled Words

Worried about penning a letter without the "safety net" of your trusty word processor, its spell check function, and backspace button? Here’s a list of some of the most commonly misspelled words you can use to check your words before you put pen to paper on that beautiful new stationery.


Misspelling Correct Spelling
Alot A lot
Acceptible Acceptable
Acheive Achieve
Beleive Believe
Calender Calendar
Conshence Conscience
Definately Definitely
Embarass Embarrass
Neibor Neighbor
Occured Occurred
Percieve Perceive
Recieve Receive
Reccomend Recommend
Seperate Separate
Sincerly Sincerely
Supercede Supersede
Suprise Surprise
Untill Until
Tommorrow Tomorrow
Wether Weather
Wierd Weird

Don’t forget these commonly misused rules too:

Their / they’re / there (Their is possessive, they’re stands for "they are," there is a place!)

Its / It’s (Use the apostrophe only if "it’s" is replacing "it is")

All ready / already (All ready means completely ready. Already means before the present time)

To / too (Too means "in addition," two is a number, to is used for everything else)