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The Blank Note Card – The Ultimate Must-Have Multi-Tasker!

Blank note cards are a popular and logical stationery option for anyone and everyone because they provide the perfect, pristine canvas for an almost unlimited variety of purposes. With your beautiful blank notes on hand, you’ll be prepared for any occasion!

1. The Last minute dinner party

Resist the urge to make last-minute phone calls (you’ll spend hours on the phone and you’ll be putting your friends on the spot!). And, don’t give in to the temptation of email (you can do better than that!) Simply put your blank note cards to use…drop a quick yet chic “invitation” in the mail. Here are some tips and tricks for turning your blank note cards into intriguing invites:


Keep it casual by keeping it simple:


“Drop in next Friday for a night of burgers, beers, and board games. Swing by around 7 and stay as long as you’d like. Ipod playlists, good sports, and big appetites welcome!”

Hoping to host a slightly fancier affair? Simply add more detailed information and ask that guests respond.

Please join us for a Sunday morning champagne brunch. Coffee, tea, mimosas, and plenty of delicious indulgences! Saturday May 12 10 am ‘til Noon Kelly’s place Please let me know if you can make it.

Bonus - use additional note cards for any/all of the following for an easy, effortlessly elegant party:

Write the menu for the meal and place a copy at each guest’s seat. Pen individual place cards to create a seating arrangement. Create tags for the food on the buffet.

2. Spur-of-the-moment scenarios

Remember that invitations aren’t reserved just for dinner parties and formal affairs! Your friends will be impressed (and encouraged to attend) upon receiving invitations to any of the following “events.” Who knows? Maybe your exciting new stationery will even encourage you to entertain more often!


Girl’s night out


Keep a set of fun, feminine stationery on hand and you’ll be ready to organize a girl’s night out whenever the urge strikes

Father/son golf tournament

Announce tee time with these “Hole in One” Correspondence Cards

Prayer circle

Provide worship information on Golden Cross Cards

Extended-family dinner

You’ll be making dinner Sunday night anyways. Why not invite the in-laws on a whim? Mail a simple card and they’ll be delighted.

Kids Play Dates

These whimsical cards are the perfect way to say “meet us at the park!”

Day at the beach

Invite friends and family to bring a blanket and join you at your favorite spot of sand. Starfish cards are perfect for the occasion.

Movie night

Any blank card will do, but these cinematic black and white notes are especially stylish. Ask a friend to bring the popcorn!

Game night

These “Cards, Anyone?” Cards are especially perfect for the game enthusiast.

Book club

These Bibliophile Correspondence Cards would make the perfect reading circle reminder.

Bon Voyage Get-Together

These fun, travel-inspired cards would make understated invites for a casual “farewell” party

Cooking class

Ask your friends, “What’s cookin,’ good lookin’?”

Happy Hour

Invite friends or co-workers to meet you at the local pub or to convene at your place for Happy Hour!

Doggy Play Date

Organize a few fun days at the dark park for Fido and his friends with these cute canine-inspired cards

3. Belated Birthday Card

Oh no…you forgot cousin Connor’s birthday…again! You’re better off getting something in the mail ASAP than putting things off for one more day. By the time you run to the store and pick the “perfect” card, your birthday wishes will be another day late. Better to use a blank note and send it sooner than later. Here’s how to create a custom birthday card so lovely, they’ll forget it’s a few days late:


Happy Belated Birthday Connor! So sorry I couldn’t be there to toast your special day (and sorry this note is a little late in arriving). I hope you had a wonderful day and I sincerely hope this coming year has lots of happiness in store for you…you deserve all the happiness in the world! Lots of love as your 29th year begins. Let’s celebrate together soon.

Your Cousin Kristin


Any blank card or personalized stationery would work perfectly for any of the above circumstances. Here are a few of our favorite options:

Bold Bordered Correspondence Cards

Classic Correspondence Cards

Get organized and have lots of colorful options at your fingerprints with a well-stocked box of bright stationery

Navy single-panel cards

Haven’t found the perfect fit? Design your own!