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How to Write a Love Letter

Love letters are not reserved for the overly-romantic or poetic. A love letter is a great way to express your feelings for someone…and it doesn't have to be cheesy or mushy to make a real impact. As with all letters, the most important element of a love letter is sincerity.

It's somewhat counter-intuitive, but you should actually pay detailed attention to the spelling and formatting of a love letter. Clear handwriting and correct grammar will make your letter much easier to read, and will convey the time and thought you put into compiling your sentiments.

On a similar note, don't get too wrapped up in trying to incorporate an impressive vocabulary. Sometimes simplicity is best. Besides, you don't need to sound like Shakespeare…in fact, it's much more genuine if you sound exactly like yourself.

One important thing to consider is the degree of romance you want to express, which will of course be based on the status and stage of your relationship. You may not want to begin a letter "To the Love of my Life and Soulmate, Ellen," when you and Ellen have only been out a few times. Use your judgment.

Love Letter Tips

Consider including a lyric from your favorite song or a line from your favorite poem.

Describe a favorite memory and explain what it means to you.

Explain the dreams you have for your future together.

Reminisce about the first days you knew each other.

Create a story in which the two of you are characters ("Once upon a time…")

Detail all the little things you love about the person.

Have fun with it!

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