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Teaching Children How to Write Letters

With the ease of modern communications, it's often easier to write a thank you or a hello note through email. There are, however, many times when a hand-written note is more appropriate AND will be more appreciated.

Letter writing is a tradition and a skill that will serve children well into their adult lives. Even if they stop writing friendly letters or hand-writing their Thank Yous as they get older, there will be many occasions (both personal and professional) that will require them to correspond through writing.

Here are a few tips for teaching your children to write letters:

Don't sweat the small stuff. As the rules of etiquette become more and more relaxed, the actual act of letter writing has become more important than following all the "rules." As long as your kids are getting in the habit of writing often, you're off to a good start!

Make Thank Yous a mandatory part of Birthdays, Holidays, and Celebrations.

Encourage family members and friends to write letters to your kids. They'll learn to understand what fun it is to receive something "the old-fashioned way!"

Be a role model! As you are helping your children write, you may as well drop that note in the mail yourself…you know…the one you've been meaning to write for a while now…

Make it FUN! Order your kids appealing, personalized stationery they'll be excited to use again and again.

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