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Stationery Trends

Last year was big for aqua and chocolate, stripes and circles, and unique stationery shapes. While those trends are still quite popular, this year, we are seeing some distinctive new color trends, a resurgence of envelope lining, and a return to classic stationery.


Stationery Color Trends:

Black and White


This classic combination is more bold than boring, and creates a dramatic “frame” for your personal content.


Jet Black Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards

Distinctive Black Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards


Espresso and Red


Totally unique and surprisingly appealing, this rich combination is being used for everything from Wedding Invitations to Thank You Notes to Personal Stationery.


Espresso & Red Double Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards

Lemon and Navy


Equal parts traditional and trendy, this crisp duo makes us think of fresh lemons in a beautiful blue porcelain bowl.


Lemon Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards

Chocolate and Lime


Another bold new combo, lime and chocolate are a surprisingly sweet twist on the traditional.


Chocolate & Lime Double Hand Bordered Cards

A Return to the Classics:

In this day and age of ostentatious, over-the-top styles, people are longing to get back to basics with a focus on quality, construction, and detail. Rich, heavy paper and impeccable printing make for a timeless, always-appropriate aesthetic that’s in style now more than ever. Some examples that prove the sentiment “less is more”:


Embossed border correspondence cards


French Blue bordered correspondence cards

Diplomat Correspondence Cards

All-in-one Embossed Cards

Invitations with Rich Detailing

Unexpected Embellishments

If classic lines and traditional formatting appeal to you, but you long for a little something “special,” you are in good company! Lots of people this year are interested in classic, simple stationery with unique envelope lining to create an unexpected twist. The best part is that you won’t be tied to the envelopes, so you can place your classic cards in a more traditional envelope if you please…there’s no commitment! You can choose to go: