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Double Bordered Cards

Our Double Bordered Cards are a popular spin off on our Classic Single Bordered Cards.

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We have created an enchanting array of combination Double Bordered colors just for you. These borders are tenderly applied by hand in an old world style not commonly found in today’s manufactured world. The outer border is laid down thinly and the inner border, made just a bit wider, is nestled next to it for a refreshing new look.

Double Bordered Cards, like our Single Borders, are 6 ¼"x 4 ½" on heavy weight card stock. and most are available in Ivory or White.

American Stationery offers you many of these specialty hand-applied Border Cards in a variety of choices:
Prestige is a Gold and Navy combination that is elegant and regal.
Captiva is a Navy and Lime combination for a more outspoken look.
Sanibel is a tasteful Pink and Brown combination that is still quite stylish.
Chocolate and Aqua make an exciting pairing, as do Expresso Brown and Red.
Chocolate and Lime Cards make a statement all their own.
All of the above are Thermograved personalization (raised ink) in colors designed to complement your selected borders nicely.
You have a wide variety of lined envelopes tailored specifically to your border colors. Don’t forget, we offer over 25 different typestyles to personalize your cards to your tastes.
These cards make the absolute best statement for your correspondence and when you give as gifts, your pleasure will be doubled upon receiving one in the mail yourself.

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