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All human beings make mistakes, feel unhappy, dislike certain things, and have issues with certain actions or individuals. Thus, at times we complain regarding certain things, instances or individuals, and this has given rise to the concept of complaint letters. While dealing with family and friends, we do not need complaint letters, because here we have the liberty to speak up our mind, and do not need to follow any formal procedures. However, in some cases, it is necessary to communicate your disagreement or complain regarding something or someone, through a proper medium like a letter. Thus, used mostly in a formal set up, this letter is a formal letter, and thus abides by the guidelines of the formal letter writing. Each one of us should know how to write this letter, because we might feel the need of writing this letter at any stage, or situation. There are many situations wherein this letter is written to express disagreement, dissatisfaction or anger.

Although you express your anger, dissatisfaction or disagreement with this letter, you need to be careful about the language. You are not allowed to use abusive or provocative language. The letter has to be written in a polite and decent language. As mentioned above, since it is a formal letter it has to pertain to the formal letter writing guidelines.

The letter has to:

  1. Be addressed to a particular person
  2. Be written with a clear and precise subject line
  3. Be written in clear formal language
  4. Clearly put forth the cause of inconvenience, and your expectation from the reader
  5. Have not more than 3-4 paragraphs
  6. Have supporting evidences, if any

Reasons to write a letter may include:

  1. Product complaint letter – Written by a customer complaining about a faulty or an incorrect product.
  2. Service complaint letter – To complain about services like, room service, reception, food, product delivery, doubt handling, etc.
  3. Tenant Complaint letter – Complaining about some issues with the house, or neighborhood to the landlord

There are many situations where one needs to raise his/her voice, and this has to be done correctly in order to avoid any chaos or trouble. Standing up and shouting against something is not acceptable, and is not mature enough. Thus, putting forth the issue this way by writing a complaint letter is much better, and gets due attention.

This written document serves as a proof, that a complaint has been registered against something or someone, and thus forces the concerned authorities to take the right action. This serves as a warning that some strict action would be taken, if the complaint is not considered, and might lead to worse scenarios.

Another positive point of putting forth your complaint via a letter is that you can actually complain to the responsible or concerned person. One might not have an access to the phone numbers of the concerned authorities, but one can easily write a letter and address it to the concerned person, and make sure that the letter reaches the right person who could resolve the issue.

Many a times, a customer may be misguided by the holiday package company and thus suffer an uncomfortable stay or other glitches which spoil the entire holiday mood. This may happen due to the absence of complete information in the holiday catalogue or vague language.

Always make sure to attach a monetary break-up for the expected compensation. That is why it is recommended to always keep all the receipts and bills handy. Also be stern in your letter tone and give them a definite time frame to act upon your complaint.

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