The New Early Autumn 2009 Catalog – Mindy’s Minutes

Have you seen the new American Stationery catalog? There are several new items that I can’t wait to order for myself; and there are quite a few new items I’ll be ordering as gifts for family and friends this year. The new self-inking square stamper looks great—functional yet distinct. My mom still gets compliments on the round stamper I gave her last year. Her friends always ask where she got something so unique. Like me, my mom writes a lot of letters and sends out a bunch of cards. American Stationery’s self inking stampers are practical, easy to use and look fantastic on your correspondence! I’m also working on a list of those who will like the newest American Stationery initial memo set in the convenient acrylic holder. These personalized sheets are the perfect size to have on hand at your desk — and they’re perfect for men or women. They’ll be great for teachers, administrative assistants, executives, busy moms or anyone else who needs to jot down a quick note or message. I’ve got to keep on looking through the Early Autumn 2009 Catalog… be sure to check it out for yourself! 

-Your fellow American Stationery customer, Mindy Mac 

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