The Importance of Rediscovering Letter Writing – Part 3

Once your child’s personalized stationery arrives they can begin to write a note. Topics can include explaining what they have been doing over the past week or month, what they are looking forward to in the upcoming days or weeks, and anything that they want to share from the heart. Direct them to ask questions, as they will learn about the person they are writing from their inquiries. Encourage them to use vivid language. This is a good time to explore more adjectives! Help the child to describe things in detail and expand on their written communication skills. Writing letters also gives them an opportunity to practice good penmanship. Promote clean, legible writing, so that the recipient can easily read the note. In addition, writing is an excellent way to hone spelling skills, as there is no spell check on a handwritten note. Lastly, address and stamp the letter and put it in the mailbox. Now sit back and wait for a response! It is important to remember that your child may not get a response right away, or that they might not get one at all. The goal is not to receive but to give someone else that good feeling of knowing they were thought of so fondly. The reward for your child is exercising the mind and leaving behind a tangible expression of their thoughts.

Several years from now your child can look back and read the letters they have received.  Likewise someone else can look back and read the letter that your child wrote. What a fantastic way to remember old friends, grandparents, or relatives. Letter writing leaves a personal record of your child’s past. Inspire your kids to write today so they can leave a written legacy for tomorrow!

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