Thank You Note Don’ts

We’ve given you a guide for writing the perfect thank you note, now here are a few tips on what not to do when writing a thank you note.

  • Don’t send a thank you email.  This is really too impersonal.  It shows that you didn’t want to take the time or effort to write an actual thank you.
  • Don’t write, “Thanks for the gift.  It was great!”  You should always mention the gift when writing a thank you.  That way the giver knows that you know which gift was from them.
  • Don’t use pencil.  Pencil is temporary and often times messy.  Use black or blue ink.
  • Don’t type your thank you.  Again, this is too impersonal.  You should hand write the thank you using ink.
  • Don’t mention dollar amounts.  It is tacky to thank she person for the $40 they sent.  Instead say, “Thank you for your generous gifts.  It was really appreciated.”

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