Stationery as a Wedding Gift

There are 19 grandchildren on my side of the family ranging in age from age 4 to 29! Family reunions are a little chaotic; but it’s always good to be together. We’ll have three weddings within eight months as excuses for a little family togetherness! My nieces and soon-to-be niece in-law love the idea of starting a new Life. Everything is new—especially their last name! So giving these brides personalized stationery and address labels to help them announce their new identities to the world has been a huge hit. American Stationery has a vast selection of writing papers, labels and stampers to choose from allowing me to select a very personal gift in every sense of the word. For the traditional bride I’ll go with something classic like the Timeless Embossed Notes or the elegant Black Hand Bordered Cards. For the bride with more contemporary taste the Hot Pink Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards or the Fun Personal Notes are perfect. These young ladies appreciate the fact that I choose something that reflects their individual style and personality. It lets them know that I care about them and their new adventure; and a personalized gift always stands out in a pile of small appliances and towels!

—Mindy Mac

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