Spring Time Stationery

It’s never too early to be thinking of spring and all the things that come with that time of year. The hectic holiday season has come to a close and the air, while still crisp, holds promise of warmer weather. The season is that of new beginnings in a sense of the flowers and trees finally starting to bud. It is also the start of a likely hectic social calendar, from bridal and baby showers, to graduations and more.

You will certainly want to make sure that you have plenty of correspondence on hand. For the lady’s social events (i.e. showers) we suggest purchasing our new pretty peonies note. This beautiful note card has a lovely bouquet of peonies displayed inside a wide border. Below the design features your name in a lovely script style. You then open up the note to reveal a large blank area, with plenty of room to write your congratulations or other personal message.

With 20 in a box for just $32.00 this makes a great gift as well. All of your hosts will be asking where you got that lovely stationery from anyhow.

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