Simple Hints on Thank You Notes – Part 1

Whether it is your wedding shower, wedding day, birthday or another special occasion you will probably become the proud recipient of gifts, gift cards, cards or money. Since someone has found you special enough to “gift” you, you should automatically train yourself to try to automatically find a pen, an appropriate thank you note card and begin writing your appreciation to those who have blessed you with their gift giving. Not only is it caring and personal to write a thank you note, more importantly, it is very extremely inconsiderate not do so. Instead of calling all your gift givers and thanking them verbally, you should utilize the easier and thoughtful gesture of sending them their own thank you card..  If you have received a gift card, or gold old hard cold cash, be sure to let the gift giver know how you plan to spend it, whether is be on something for the house, the yard or a luxury you wouldn’t have been able to indulge in without their wonderful gift. It should make them happy to know that their gift was not only appreciated, but put to good use. When sending your thank you, although it is never too late, it is best to try and get them out within a month after receiving. Those notes most appreciated, are those that get sent out the quickest after the gift has been given….but, being late are better than no thank you at all!

If you are stressed out and uncertain of what all materials you may need to start out the thank you cards, first go to American Stationery and check out their wide variety of available notes and cards. You can select from several sizes, colors and styles. At American Stationery you will also find a wide array of fonts and monograms to personalize your thank you cards or notes with. You can personalize based on your favorite look; a first name, a first and last name, a monogram, or three initials. If you opt to personalize with a monogram be sure you use the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your last name, and the first letter of your middle name. For example Elizabeth Ann Walker would be a monogram of EWA. If you decide your personalization should be your three initials, then use the first letter of your first name, middle name and last name in order. For example; Elizabeth Ann Waler would be personalized with the initials EAW. Whatever your preference it is always nice to have a set of personalized thank you notes or cards on hand so you can write and send them quickly. If you have your notes or cards, then be sure you have a pen that writes nicely in an ink color that enhances your stationery. Lastly, keep a few stamps on hand, and you’ve got all the elements you need to create a successful thank you.

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