Rehearsal Dinner Planning – Part 1

Planning a wedding rehearsal dinner, although seemingly effortless on the outside, still requires a lot of careful planning and consideration in order to achieve the efficient affair you are hoping to host. A typical wedding rehearsal dinner is normally hosted by the parents of the groom. It usually is held immediately after the wedding rehearsal for everyone in the wedding party, including whoever is conducting the ceremony, parents and grandparents, and anyone else contributing to the wedding ceremony itself. If this is a destination wedding, or if many guests are required to travel to attend, it is usually customary to invite all out of town guests to celebrate with you. I don’t think that there are any hard and fast rules in today’s day and age that apply to your rehearsal dinner. Just plan for a dinner that will fit your budget, provide a nice atmosphere, and most importantly will complement the bride and groom! After all, this is their party, their day and should be tailored to agree with their tastes. If the parents are no longer married that shouldn’t get in the way of a joint reception dinner, so be sure to communicate with one another and agree on sharing the costs and planning. It really is the responsibility of the parents to support their children and put any ill-feelings aside. Your goal is to make them the center feature of a fun pre-wedding sit down, and an overall good time for all involved. With all of that in mind there are a lot of things that need to be considered and coordinated when you begin planning for your rehearsal dinner. You’ll need to coordinate a location, menu, price, time, decorations and how to issue your invitations. The following are a few guidelines designed to assist you in your party planning…

Selecting a location is a major task to tackle, and I would suggest a nearby restaurant with a banquet room, a backyard with a barbeque or a catered dinner in your home. Obviously a restaurant is the easiest choice because there isn’t any real food preparation or clean up involved. However, if you are on a tight budget a cook out in your backyard can be a lot of fun, and offer everyone a chance to kick back. Depending on the season, you may want to host everyone in your home and hire a friend, or catering company to help with food preparation, service and clean up. Again, this probably should be tailored to the preference of your bride and groom.

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