Progressive Dinner Party – Part 2

When you arrive at each home you could prepare in advance seating place cards, a description of the food you will be enjoying and a little history of the home and family. This will lend a personal air, to the host of each course. Although there are a few logistics to work out, it would probably be best if the couple hosting the next course is given a ten or fifteen minute advance departure. This will allow them to arrive home before the rest, light their candles, turn on the music and make sure their food will be ready to go. What fun it will be to greet your friends in each new setting and enjoy a new dish, glass of wine and atmosphere together.

You will probably need to have a few conversations before the actual party day, so that you and everyone involved has a clear picture of how things will flow and what is expected of them. If you have a chance you should try to get the recipe that everyone is serving, along with a little bio or family photo. You should also take photos at each home of the host and hostess, guests and the food being served. This can all be compiled in to a wonderful memento of a wonderful evening together. You may just have started a tradition that you continue though the coming years. Whatever the outcome you should relax and enjoy your evening. It should be a unique experience that will make your holidays an enjoyable time, and allow you can mold your party to fit you and your friends lifestyles. Enjoy, and have fun with your Progressive Dinner Party!

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